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Wurm said he is confident the help from CAA will decrease the struggle families face. ” Without the help from College Admissions Assistance, too many of the students we see will struggle in understanding the overall process of getting into colllege, leaving them at a higher risk of not pursuing a college education or eventually dropping out.”

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At CAA, we think that Natasia is making a difference in her family, her high school, her community, and will do the same throughout her college experience. Her dedication to academics and to other people is commendable. When asked what advice she would offer younger students, she encouraged them to make sure they mentally prepare for the transition from high school to college. The coaches at College Admissions Assistance think she is well on her way to a bright future!

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College Admission Assistance is a comprehensive college-planning service that has helped thousands of students prepare themselves for college—from discovering a great career, achieving admission to the right college, and enjoying the best financial start in life. The company’s ultimate mission is to help each student live out their unique purpose in life by getting them started with the right college education.