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The research design and methodology section should contain how you are conducting your research and what specific methods you will use in completing your study. In this section of your dissertation proposal writing you need to ensure that you are clear and concise so that there are no questions left in the committees mind about how you collected data and how the research mentioned was useful to your topic. Clear goals and objectives should be stated in this section of your dissertation proposal. Most often the committee also would like to know the reasons why you chose to collect data in that particular way, and why you think the techniques you’ve chosen for analysis will bring the best result. Thus you will need to explain your reasons and methods for collecting and analyzing the data. It may be useful if you use evidence of your chosen methods being successfully used in other empirical studies.

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• The important point is indented paragraphs are ideal for dissertation proposal writing. Only underlined headings are subjected to be given a line’s space.

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