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I love this company! My girlfriend referred me to Do My Resume and I was pretty skeptical at first because I am very picky with my working and grammar and how things look. I work at Allstate and don't have a lot of time on my hands to be writing out letters so I went to Do My Resume for my thank you and follow-up cards to send out to customers in our system. I found this company to be reliable and totally worth it. The people who work there are very friendly and super useful with using the right vocabulary and making everything very professional. It was great having someone to turn to as a backup just in case I'm ever in a bind. I will definitely be trying this place out again and seeing what else they have to offer.

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If your goal is to build the perfect resume that will help you land the job you want, then the professionals at Do My Resume will get you one step closer by providing you with a resume that will define your potential, celebrate your talents, and persuade recruiters that you are, indeed, the best person for the position. The writers at Do My Resume are a pleasure working with. They make putting together the necessary information needed to build your resume a simple process. They really put a lot of stock in customer satisfaction, so you can rest assure that they are not done with your resume until you are 100% happy with the final draft. They offer many business writing services such as CV's/Resumes, Cover Letters, Thank-You and Follow-Up Letters, Professional Bio's, Reference Lists, etc. They can help you arrange your portfolio or they will even build you a great Linked-In Profile!

Do My Resume is without a doubt the first and last stop you will ever need to make when it comes time to create new resume or brush-up an existing one. Give them a call, they won't disappoint!

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Do my Resume was a great experience for me... polite, and great customer service... very knowledgeable and up to date on resume writing and all that goes along with looking for employment in this very fast paced world we live in today.