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I appreciate your post a great deal. Some excellent advice. I confess that your first sentence threw me: "Editing student writing typically takes a few minutes and a red pen." At Young Writers Project, we encourage mentors and teachers to NOT use a red pen and to edit on the more substantive aspects of a piece, that is offer suggestions on the construct or the viewpoint or what works/what doesn't, on the tone, on whether the piece has a deeper point.

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Editing student writing typically takes a few minutes and a red pen. Teaching writing requires hard work, and even though many teachers assign writing, few actually teach the art of writing. The writing process is time consuming and often messy, so it's no wonder that many teachers becomes editors by default. How can teachers be sure that they're teaching students how to write and not simply editing writing assignments?

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I believe in writing tightly but I also think “flow” is important. As is character. Editing your writing should take into account both. Otherwise it loses some of its bite.