Here are just five companies that hire freelance writers.

So instead of researching all over the net searching for answers, what you can do is that you can hire freelance writers for your blog from that required location. This will save you your hard work and also will add reality in your blog.

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There will usually be information listed if they accept articles from freelance writers. You can submit a query to the magazine and wait to see if you are accepted. Make sure to follow all of the guidelines because if you miss even one, your query can be discarded for not following the rules. Many of the magazines that I have come across want you to mail in submissions and information. Be prepared the process not take fairly long. There are a few that do accept online entries, but the topics of the magazine may be more specific. Not sure where you can start? Here are 5 magazines that hire freelance writers and a summary of their submission guidelines (taken directly from their websites). Click the links for the full guidelines.

Here are just five companies that hire freelance writers.

Examples of types of writing you might hire a freelance writer to do include:

Sadly a lot of companies hire freelance writers without even talking to them. I think one should talk to the writer at least once before hiring. After all, you don’t want to work with a person whose DNA doesn’t match with that of your company.

If you are a freelance writer, you may be looking for other avenues to showcase your work and make money. Have you ever considered submitting articles to a magazine? There are many magazines that hire freelance writers that you may be surprised to see.Google is best if you're looking for writers who specialize in something, like someone who can blog about biotech. If you Google "hire a freelance writer," you'll spend a lot of time sifting through blog posts and articles about freelance writing (like, um, this one) but not get a whole lot of actual writers. Instead, search for something like "" to nail your specific request.5. :  This magazine caters to parents of children 2 and under. When you submit a query, make sure to send samples of any work that you have had published.
This is just a small list but there are a lot of magazines that hire freelance writers. Start by looking at the magazine’s website and see if they accept queries from freelance writers. Submit queries to every magazine that you would be interested in writing for. You never know when you will see your name under a headline in your favorite magazine.It has often been said that everybody has a story to write. However, not everyone can write a story. As such, people hire freelance writers to turn their great idea into a polished novel, screenplay, or short story.