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Hi! I could help you find an editor to help you finish your story. However, you might need to hire a ghostwriter. An editor can usually only do small fixes. If you need a rewrite, you’ll need a ghostwriter.

I think I need a ghostwriter Laura. Too much to write. Maybe you can call me? Thanks.Joe

I get a lot of calls and questions from people who think they need a ghostwriter. Some of them are businessmen and women who want books to boost their businesses but who don’t consider themselves writers. Others are professional speakers, who feel more comfortable in front of a lectern than in front of a computer. Sometimes these people are writers who have simply gotten stuck in the middle of their book project–or even at the beginning, and believe someone needs to complete it for them.

Find A Ghostwriter Do You Need a Ghostwriter For Your Book

“Do I need a ghostwriter for my book?” This is a question I am asked frequently by advisors

“Do I need a ghostwriter for my book?” This is a question I am asked frequently by advisors. And the answer is, “no, not necessarily.” But it does depend on many things, including:

A professional book editor or ghost writer will go over your work with you. He or she will suggest any needed changes, such as developmental editing to bring out the subtle nuances of your characterizations. Or content editing, to bring in plot twists, spine-tingling scene changes, and a bang-up beginning and end to your novel. In the case of nonfiction, an editor is usually needed to run fact checking and make sure all your i’s are dotted and all your t’s are crossed. When you’re thinking: I need a ghostwriter, in fact what you may need is a book editor. They run less than ghost writers, and if you have a partially completed manuscript that may be all you need.You say, I need a ghostwriter. I say, hire someone with experience, wisdom, and affordable cost who won’t let you down in the long run. A NYT bestselling ghost writer who is also a bestseller on Amazon fits the bill. I am that ghost writer, and I have dozens of writers on my team who also make that criteria. When you hire a book ghost writer through Ghost Writer, Inc., you are getting a seasoned professional. We only use published, experienced writers and editors. So if you are sure that “I need a ghostwriter,” look no further than GWI for your ghost writing and editing needs. We also do book marketing, and we can ensure your publishing success as well.