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This paper described the design and development of a customized online writing instruction using design-based research. Two of the phases were completed in the 2012/13 academic year with the other two to be implemented in semesters one and two of the 2013/14 academic year. The process and principles of all four stages of the research project have been documented in this manuscript and it is hoped that the analysis of the data collected in phases three and four will aid in the construction of a set of guidelines or a toolkit beneficial to other faculty members interested in designing, developing, implementing and evaluating customized instruction for their students.

(pdf) from The CCCC Committee on Best Practices in Online Writing Instruction

The student questionnaire was administered online via Survey Monkey and comprised two main sections with sixteen items which examined students’ learning styles and preferences, their teaching delivery preference, their academic writing needs and their expectations. Students were informed via email of the research purpose and were asked to assist in the process of customizing online writing instruction by completing the questionnaire. The email also included the link to the research survey.

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The Graduate Certificate in Online Writing Instruction is a 15 hour program that consists of the following classes:

The benefits of offering online writing instruction appear to outweigh the limitations. And some limitations are already being overcome through advanced hurdle-solving. Your eclectic approach models the holistic paradigm mentioned in one of your podcasts, and the multimedia elements found here speak to the variety of learning styles exhibited by students.