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If the purpose of film is to tell stories, then the screenwriter is the one who breathes initial life into the characters, worlds, and dramas unfolding on screen. It isn’t easy work, but with the power of the internet it is the kind of work that can be done from anywhere. The New York Film Academy recognizes the diverse needs, schedules, and goals of our aspiring screenwriters. We know that like all art forms, screenwriting is a learned craft. That is why we developed our Online Screenwriting School, to allow students to undergo a transformative process as they learn first-hand from prolific industry professionals — online — in their own timeframe. With a flexible curricula of seven 15-week workshops, our online screenwriting students can truly customize their creative journeys and receive vital, strategic support and guidance as they learn the craft of screenwriting, all online.

Online classes draw together writers from across the globe

An online creative writing school that approaches writing as an art, and also as a contemplative practice. We believe that skill comes from study, that inspiration comes from love, and that both are necessary.

Creative writing school offers classes in New York City and online.

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Whether our online screenwriting students are interested in feature-length film scripts, television, or comic book writing, each of the Online Screenwriting School’s 15-week workshops is structured to deliver intensely focused and challenging lessons to help students improve their arsenal of skills and develop projects of which they can be proud. Combining NYFA’s philosophy of learning by doing with the convenience of technology and choice, our online writing workshops offer unprecedented flexibility for passionate students to significantly improve their understanding of the craft.